Ubuntu 11.10 Release’s Later Today, the 13th of Oct, Can’t wait? Well here’s a preview!

October 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today, the 13th of Oct sees the release of the much awaited Ubuntu 11.10! 11.10 unlike 11.04 is running Gnome 3 with the Unity interface. 11.04 was still running Gnome 2, so this release is a big change because you will also be able to use Gnome Shell if you choose. This is a huge release also because it begins the run up to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the long term support release next spring. If you have previously used Unity don’t expect to find the same problems that 11.04 had, Unity in 11.10 is a totally different beast and I find it way more intuitive and easier to use. Unity is evolving nicely as a user interface and to be honest the guys over at Canonical must have been force fed caffeine tablets so they’d be able to get this much work done in such a short space of time, we users can say what we like and give out about products all we want but sometimes we forget that a lot of hard work goes into creating these products for our benefit. And lets not forget, this is Linux, we have a wonderful choice of desktops to choose from compared to other operating systems.

So with that said lets take a look at Ubuntu 11.10:

Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop

The Ubuntu 11.10 desktop is a very clean experience with everything easy to find because it’s sitting right in front of you. Unlike 11.04, 11.10’s Dash has been given its own button at the top of the launcher at the left of the screen. Simply click the button with the Ubuntu logo and you will be looking at the Dash. You can add your own buttons to the launcher as needed. From the Notification area at the top right of the desktop you can setup and change your email, chat, Ubuntu One Cloud service, current music track and volume quickly and easily as well as set your online status.

Ubuntu 11.10 Dash

From the Dash you can access email, music and all your Apps by clicking the buttons. You can also start typing the name of an App in the search box to quickly access that App.

Ubuntu 11.10 Lenses

Using the Lenses as shown above you can find Apps, music, pictures and other files quickly.

Ubuntu 11.10 Workspace Switcher

Using the workspace switcher you’ll find it hard to run out of desktop space. With four desktops to work with you can quickly switch between them to remain productive even with multiple windows open. Write a document, listen to a podcast and browse the net for research without clogging up your desktop.

Ubuntu 11.10 Ubuntu Software Center

For this release the Ubuntu Software Center (App Store) has been given a much needed overhaul. The new look is way more user friendly in my opinion and looks great, it really does feel like an App store now. Quickly search for Apps including some paid Apps like the classic puzzle game, World of Goo or other games like Vendetta Online, Oil Rush, The Clockwork Man, Family Farm and Steel Storm. Either search the lists or just type the name of the App into the search box.

This release feels like what Ubuntu 11.04 should have been, it has a finished feel to it unlike 11.04 which just didn’t cut it for a lot of people. Ubuntu 11.10 seems much better now that the switch has been made to Gnome 3. It feels snappy and I love the new features, the new wallpapers are really beautiful and the login screen is much better. Everything seems to be coming together nicely and looking really good for the coming year and the release of 12.04 LTS. Hats off to the Ubuntu team for this one!

If you’ve never tried Ubuntu before then why not give it a go, you can download Ubuntu 11.10 from the official site here: http://www.ubuntu.com/


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