New Story Based On The Music Of Severed Fifth Has Been released – Machines Of War

April 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

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A new story based on the music of Severed Fifth has been released. Machines of War is a song about a scientist who feels horrendous guilt after helping the military design a devastating  weapon that is used to kill millions of people. S0rceress0, a regular street team member has been working on stories based on the music of Severed Fifth for a few months now. She previously released, They Prey, Forgotten Heroes and Politicold. Massive thanks goes out to S0rceress0 for all her hard work and keeping us entertained!

Machines of War is a story based off the music and lyrics performed by the metal band Severed Fifth. Severed Fifth’s philosophy is to change the music world by providing their music under a Creative Commons license. Please take the time to see the site and download great music for free at: http://www.severedfifth.comJoin the forum and help change the music world! – S0rceress0

Julian stared glumly in the window of the lab as a klaxon alarm bellowed through the hallway. Smoke began to fill the lab as the radiological team walked onto the scene. From the isolation room, Julian showed the team his badge with radioactivity meter and they manually over rode the lock to let him out.

“Radiological team one. Containment is verified. Doctor J is safe and sound.”

The team unzipped their suit helmets and disconnected their masks.

“Well. Hard luck Julian. Prototype?”

Julian winced as double leaded panes of metal came slamming down around the lab table to contain the rest of the burning material. The radioactive core had already been retracted and was now shielded.


They all stood and waited in silence. Julian watched an ant pass by his boot and search the crack in the concrete for a way into the lab.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Even the cockroaches didn’t survive.” Julian muttered at it.

Undeterred, the ant waved a feeler at him and pushed its way into the concrete. Julian sat down on a chair in the hallway. The klaxon alarm hesitated and then turned off. A disembodied voice announced temperature values within the containment box.

“If I had the new cooling system..”, Julian began

“If you had the new cooling system, it would have burned that much slower. It still would have burned. Don’t blame my lab for your screw-up Julian.” replied Jonas.

Julian felt like sticking his tongue out at the suit who stood next to the radiological crew.

“No. I might have had the time to find out what caused the overload. Now I have no data to work with, just a pile of crumbs!”

Jonas turned to walk back down the hall, “What we really need..”

To read the full story please head over to her official site here:


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