Get Moovida Media Center For Ubuntu 10.10

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been taking a look at Moovida Media Center on Ububtu 10.10. It’s excellent and easy to use. It’s a full featured media center for Linux and Windows.

“Moovida has two interfaces – one optimized for managing your files on the PC and the other optimized for finding and playing your media files on the TV or PC. Connect your PC to your TV using a simple HDMI, a VGA or a S-Video cable and an audio cable. Launch Moovida’s 3D interface to quickly find and enjoy your media.”

“Gone are the days of downloading extra applications, plugins or programs to support all your files. Moovida is the only application you need to play all your non-DRM media for videos and music, supporting everything from the most common mov, avi and mp3 files to the lesser known ones like VORB, ogg and flac.”

“Moovida automatically augments your media with artwork and movie synopses from the MoovidaDB database so you can easily find and preview any file.”

You can install ‘Moovida’ direct from the Ubuntu Software Center by clicking Applications–>Ubuntu Software Center and typing Moovida into the search box, then just click install.


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