The final Push Is On – Severed Fifth Just Need $1450 More

March 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Severed Fifth’s recording campaign is off to a great start and they are almost ready to finish recording ‘Nightmares By Design’. They just need $1450 more to cover recording costs. Now you might be asking “What do I get out of it?” and that is a good question. You get free music, not just free as in cost either, I mean truly free music. Music that you can download freely and use in anyway you like, use it in your Youtube videos, play it in your local pub or share and give it to friends and family without having to worry if your breaking the law. You see Severed Fifth believe that the music industry has controlled music for far too long and that it is time for a change. They don’t believe they have the right to tell you whether you can or can’t share their music because they believe their music is also your music. So if you can help out, even if it is $1, it all helps. Let’s make this happen and send a message to the music industry that they no longer can tell us what we can or can’t do with the music we listen to! \m/

If you want to help out then please visit this page:

A massive thank you also goes out to all those who have already contributed to the campaign!


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