The Lost Books of Eve

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Lost Books of Eve #1

Author: Josh Howard

Published by: Viper Comics –

Pages: 20

Well, how surprised *I* was to find this was not just a children’s novel, but a graphic novel! Surprised, and very pleased! Comics are classic kids books, exciting and easy to read. My favorite was always Animal Man, but this comic incorporates a sassy attitude into a time tired subject. Eve has long been the target for many a religious persecutor. Now she takes a bit of illicit artistic bite and slaps the holy hellfire out of religious books. The classic parchment look of the first few pages is a beautiful set-up for that bold barbie drawn Eve. Big almond eyes and cascading hair makes her quite the catch. This is definitely meant for older kids.

The discussion between the serpent and Eve is a great lead-in for the rest of the storyline in which the entanglement gives us two other characters to take a look at. A plan, some evil, a do-gooder, and a mystery all give the storyline a pretty good head. The artwork itself is pretty attractive. Eve may be intimidatingly thin, but she has got some beautiful features. The backgrounds and color play are all really complimentary down to the elfin Asherah and her flaming sword.

This isn’t a typical good vs. evil superhero comic. It appears to be leading more in a mystery sort of line, but no doubt the subject is of biblical proportions. I would like to see what Josh Howard comes up with next!

I really wanted to get this out here because so many new E-readers are coming forward with great abilities where comics are concerned. This would go very well on some phones and certainly the advantage would go to a tablet. On the home page of Viper Comics this goes for a pretty pricey 9.95, but I still think it’s worth a look if for nothing other than to check out the inventive way of looking at a very old subject. I do have to mention that I have seen other Viper Comics for as low as .99 on their website.


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