Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I put together a small list of just a few free and very low cost books that I came across that you can use for Valentine’s day. Whether you are looking for a love poem, a recipe for your sweet, or just want to curl up with a horror novel in celebration of the whole thing, there is something out there for you. I haven’t reviewed or even peeked at these, but they did seem interesting! For someone who doesn’t have money to buy the new Kay diamond, an online book could be a very nice thought.

Valentines Day Ideabook –

Valentine’s Day Ideabook for Exhausted People

Valentine’s Candy: Horror –

Candy has to spend another Valentine’s Day alone, but is she really alone? Who is leaving gifts on her doorstep? Will she survive this holiday?

Banana’s Love Poems: Poetry –

Romantic love poems ready for Valentine’s Day by banana the poet aka Michele Brenton. Love can be painful and wonderful but without it where would we be? Where would love be without new poems to celebrate it? … and why are there cabbages on the cover?

Valentine’s Day: Paranormal Fantasy –

What does forever really mean? Is there a such thing as a love that lasts forever? For Jenny McAdams, valentine’s day turned out different than she expected.

A Valentine for Victoria: Romance –

Victoria Ramos has no use for Valentine’s Day. Corny. Cliched. Commercial. But when a strange encounter in the elevator of her office building sends her into the arms of an unexpected rescuer, will the day have some romantic promise for her after all?

Preternatural Valentine: Horror –

In this short, weird horror story, Charlie Prentess gets an anonymous Valentine’s Card at his job in Santa Barbara, CA. He’s instantly suspicious and thinks his boss and coworkers have conspired against him. After he leaves work that evening on Valentine’s Day, Charlie is introduced to his genuine secret admirer. Despite renewed hope and expectations, it ends badly. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Sixteen Year Itch: Romance –

There is nothing worse to Morgan than Valentine’s Day. Well, drooling over her long time best friend, Alan, comes a close second, but this Valetine’s things are going to be different. And maybe she just might get her sixteen year itch scratched.


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