The Thirteenth Unicorn

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Thirteenth Unicorn

Author W.D. Newman

Pages: 179

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Price: FREE

As I went through this book, it occurred to me more and more that it was an excellent book for older children who had passed a beginning level of reading and were really ready for a good in depth storyline. There is no inappropriate language or gestures, the characters are realistic and honest and the vocabulary was at a regulated level, that is, the words were all at the same relative level of difficulty.

I have always enjoyed stories about unicorns or saving unicorns, and this is a good one. A witch on the trail of a unicorn and only four children and grandma to help it. They will have to interact with dwarves and elves to help the unicorn, and to get back home. I have almost always seen Merlin used as a scapegoat in stories, but in this Merlin is an integral part of the storyline which made it pleasantly mind tingling.  Awesomely powerful wizards weaving complicated magics.

The descriptions in this book are fantastic. The brightness of the colors, smells, sounds, the world came alive for me. The only descriptions I think went on too long were some of the later battle preparation scenes. I, a hardened reader of fantasy and J.R.R. Tolkien, skipped a page, maybe two.

The story progressed consistently and all parts fell into place very nicely. There were no hanging ends, but I did leave feeling that I wanted to know more, I wanted to see more, I wanted to be there. This is a hallmark of a good trilogy or series.

The ending itself was highly emotional without getting sappy beyond belief. Each character managed a wrap-up in thought and in practice. You could tie a very nice little bow on this one and put it under the tree for the winter holidays.

This story may be a bit predictable for an adult, but in a world where many stories are threatening our senses with blood, guts, gore, and oppressive language, it is a nice, relaxing story that you could easily sit on the porch or in the grass to read, take a cup of tea after a horrible day, and always enjoy. The author appears to be knowledgeable in rural life (don’t I know about cute baby goats!) as well as a very imaginative soul. I have to wonder where on earth he came up with the idea for this one and who was the model for Ben?


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