Feb 8, 2011

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Awake by Egan Yip

When Kevin stays up all night to finish a history paper, he finds a lonely world the next morning. The whole world is still asleep…and no one can wake up! As Kevin thinks the world is over, he meets a talking dog and cat. The pets have formed an alliance and are seeking a way to save their masters from the strange phenomenon. But when Kevin helps them in their search, they are warned of a great danger: the forest animals want to keep the humans asleep…for good. To solve this mystery, Kevin must stay awake as long as he can before he too will fall asleep…and never awaken.

Dinosauria – Volume I

(Previously reviewed, full volume I available on Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Dinosauria-1-Mr-J-Rock/dp/1456472739/ )

Works of R.J. Silver: http://rjsilver.com/  CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT!

I, Woodrow – The Confidential Diary by Ashly Graham

Poor Woodrow Scrubb! Shy, retiring, and romantic, he never wanted to be President, with his spacey popover-helmeted wife, Phoebe, as First Lady; and neither did his gorgon psychopath of a mother, Hermione, want anyone installed in the Oval Office other than her beloved younger boy, the philandering jackass Cosmo, until Cosmo’s cat-burglar wife, Cassandra, the love of Woodrow’s life…


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