Dinosauria Part 1

February 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Lost meets Jurassic park, meets Dinotopia. This book hits on two of my favorites. End of the world scenarios and dinosaurs. There are plenty of movie and book references thrown in to make visualization of what the surrounding area looks like easy. What would happen if humans and dinosaurs developed side by side? A fantastic age ensues with all the prosperity you could imagine, technologically superior and beautiful. Then a dark age likened to that of Europe’s dark ages but somehow something of both races survives. Add to this a tiny group of people from a completely different time who stumble into this world without knowing what it is. What does this little group of people find? A world completely different from their own.

I really liked this books advanced sci-fi feel. The description of technology beyond what we view as possible is exciting. The characters themselves are descriptively written with plenty of memories thrown in to personalize them. The small groups dynamics are echoingly familiar of what they will find in the inhabitants they meet. There is a bit of religion and a bit of romance thrown into the mix, but not so prevalent as to make you feel sick. There are no perfect heroes or heroins. Everyone has something they are dealing with. They are very real.

The story can be just a touch confusing in the beginning, almost as if things are so mixed up you just have no basis for understanding anything. This is done on purpose and is done fairly well. You really get that feeling that you are on the deserted isle of Lost and anything could happen. Some things don’t ever really get cleared up. You will have the feeling that there was something before this book and you just don’t know what it is. I wasn’t too much for the swearing as it was utilized rather abundantly, but it did not cause me to want to put down the book.

The ending was everything you would want from a series book, including an ending which made me want to run back and grab the second. As confusing as it was in the beginning, it just got better and better as the story developed until I couldn’t stand not knowing what happened in the next book.


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