Favorite Childhood Toys

December 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again when the happy childhood memories come flooding back. I’m sitting here thinking about all my favorite childhood toys. My two most precious toys were Lego and Meccano. I could happily build Lego and Meccano models all day long. One of the most exciting gifts I ever received though was a Commodore 16K, imagine that, a whole 16K of memory. I’ve never forgotten the Xmas I went snooping around my parents bedroom and found Santa’s secret stash. My eyes lit up as I pulled the Commodore box out from under my parents bed and just stared in awe at the most amazing computer I’d ever seen. At the time it was really sleek, black in color with gray keys. we’ve come along way since those days and I couldn’t imagine someone being over joyed at the sight of a 16K computer these days, their eyes might pop out of their heads but in shock rather than glee. That computer was my pride and joy until I upgraded to the massive ZX Spectrum 48K or Speccy for short. Now that was a classic machine in its time, thousands of games like, Dizzy and Football Manager and running a massive 48K of memory. A friend of mine got the Amstrad CPC464 with 64K memory with a green screen monitor, what fun we had trying to play Snooker on a green screen monitor. Happy days! If you have favorite childhood toys let me know in the comments below.



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  • s0rceress0 says:

    A beanbag and marbles. No joke. Just a beanbag and marbles. Hours of fun! Nothing next to the washcloth in the bathtub of course, but fun. Legos were a big hit with me then AND now. 😀 hehehe got a set for this solstice. My commodore really became special when I got a modem for it. So cool then!!!

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